Tour 2020

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(Times in pink are in Eastern Standard Time)

Tuesdays through

December  2020

6-7pm                               On stage at the Amphitheater at Bailey Park

                                          Downtown, Winston - Salem, NC

                                          Happy Hr. Social (ly Distanced) Line Dance Lessons

                                          Limited capacity, intimate class in the fresh air and                                              six feet apart.  Wear a jacket - be prepared to                                                       remove it once we get to dancin'.

                                          All levels - all are welcomed.

                                          Please secure your spot in advance: scroll down to                                              register. $20


November 2020 - 

January 2021                   FREE Virtual Line Dance Lessons

                                         November After School series for Elementary School                                           Kids. December series for Middle Schoolers. January                                           2021 series for high schoolers and adults of all ages.

                                         Beginner to more experienced dancers - all are                                                   welcome.  Endorphins, physical health, community                                             and fun!  Limited capacity to maximize community                                               and the interactive experience. 


                                         Please scroll down to the calendar to register.

                                         Sponsored by Culture Blocks - a community                                                         partnership funded by Mecklenburg County. 









November 2020 - 

January 2021                   Virtual Line Dance Lessons


                                         Classes for kids, middle schoolers and adults.

                                         Learn line dances to a variety of musical genres.

                                         Great for your mental and physical health - a healthy                                           dose of human interaction with friendly folks - and a                                           whole lot of fun!  

                                         Limited capacity. Please scroll down to register.  




November 19th, 2020

6-7pm EST                      Guest Instructor for Dani Bees (Virtual ) Activities


                                         Cowgirl Lisa from the "Old Town Road" music video

                                         will make a guest appearance in Dani Bees'                                                           FREE classes today - get ready to learn a line dance                                             to a song that just might be a bit familiar ; ) Email                                                Danielle@danibees.com to sign your preschooler or                                            elementary schooler up.



November 7th, 2020          

Doors at 3:30pm          

Lesson 4-5pm                 Hanover Park Vineyard

                                         Yadkinville, North Carolina 

                                         Social (ly Distanced) Barn Dance


                                         Grab a bottle of wine or a flight at Hanover Park's                                               old farm house (open noon to five) and then walk on                                           down to The Studio (barn) around 3:30pm to be a                                               part of a fun and friendly community, participate in                                             / be entertained by a line dance lesson from 4-5pm.

                                         Park conveniently at The Studio entrance of Hanover                                           Park or up by the farmhouse.  Beginner to advanced                                           dancers and supportive spectators welcomed.  $20.                                             Please get your ticket in advance by scrolling down                                             this page.

                                         Dancers will boot scoot six+ feet apart to a variety of                                           musical genres. Barn doors will remain open for                                                   fresh air.  Limited capacity of twenty- five. Masks to                                             be worn when meandering near others.    


Oct. 25th, 2020

5pm - 7pm                        Burntshirt Vineyards

                                          Hendersonville, North Carolina (Asheville area)

                                          Social (ly Distanced) Barn Dance

                                          Purchase your ticket for either the 5 - 6pm or the                                                  6pm - 7pm class on Burntshirt's website.


                                          Come early / stay after for drinks, friendly company,                                            to watch and hang out.  Wine bar in the barn                                                        w/the doors open; line dancing inside or outdoors                                             depending on the weather. Rain or shine : )


Wednesdays through

October, 2020                 Westbend Winery and Brewery

                                         Lewisville, North Carolina

                                         Social (ly Distanced) Line Dance Event


August 9, 2020                Mask - uerade Parade Launch Party


                                         Lisa was a guest speaker at this                                                            Virtual Event hosted by the Winston-                                                   Salem Forsyth County Arts Council to                                                 celebrate their 71st anniversary. 


June 24th - July 29,

2020                                Winston-Salem, North Carolina

                                        Happy Hour Virtual Line Dance Lesson

June 19th, 2020             Winston-Salem, North Carolina

                                        Happy Hour Virtual Line Dance Lessons

June 13th, 2020             Black Hills National Forest, South Dakota

                                       Happy Hour Virtual Line Dance Lesson

June 11, 2020                The Old Saloon, Emigrant, Montana

                                       Live / Virtual Lesson taught on-stage

June 4, 2020                  Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

                                       Happy Hour Virtual Line Dance Lesson

May 31 - June 1, 2020   Leavenworth, Washington

                                        Happy Hour Virtual Line Dance Lesson

May 28th, 2020              Forestville, California

                                       Happy Hour Virtual Line Dance Lesson

More about Lisa's work with

Grammy Award-Winning Florida Georgia Line, Dierks Bentley,

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Lisa has also provided Country and Latin Dance Entertainment / hosted events for corporate team building amongst colleagues,

as well as for high-end experiential marketing initiatives for Fortune 200 companies. 


Email Bookings@LisaKonczal.com

to inquire about private party interactive dance entertainment. 

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