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Living w/Lisa

Photo credit: Kendrick Wright / In the clouds at Haleakala Crater on Maui, Hawaii


human connection and active engagement in

  deep and extraordinary living

At Home w/Lisa is the first project on this channel, with more currently in development.  STAY TUNED FOR uplifting and participatory CONTENT SOON TO COME!

AT HOME w/Lisa

Do not be alluded by the cover photos' lights, camera and action... 


getting real - with Improvised, un-produced talk and tips for quarantine,

by a crew of yours truly

the first interactive series on the Living w/lisa channel...

on which you're invited to participate:

Photographers whose work  is featured as the thumbnails above, include Jose Fidel Landros IG @digaqueso, Johny Vu @vusocool Freddy Lopez, Jordan Wood, Rohan Chitrakar and yours truly, Lisa Konczal with Make-up / Hair by Yvonne Velasco (in those photos where my hair is looking its best ; )

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Video References and FREE Resources

  • DSC02543.jpg

    Her Business Boutique

    Carla has been coaching me for years and has provided so many resources, valuable feedback and mindset growth for both Lisa Konczal Productions and my media production business, Vérité Creative. Her website also offers FREE templates for creating an online business / for business growth - particularly useful during this pandemic's necessary social distancing situation.  

    I've also used her as a relationship mediator... which could be especially helpful during this potentially high stress quarantine.  Loved her approach, which got to the core issues in a proactive way and didn't require hours of backstory.

  • Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 5.17.10 PM.png

    Recovery Elevator

    Amazing podcast about healthy ways to navigate life's challenges, deep traumas and how to keep our mind balanced... and more obviously, about sobriety and addiction.  A FREE podcast, meditations and FREE 5-day video course; a book and virtual community you can join; events (on hold) Love this!


    Worked with Paul years ago on a music / dance / ongoing corporate event gig - he has many talents, and it makes me smile when I see this project grow, and have definitely listened to many of his podcast episodes:

  • IMG_5830.jpg

    Namaste at Home

    I just wrapped up this 5-day at home yoga / meditation retreat and would love to share this DISCOUNT CODE should you be interested in this healthy self care for your mind and body.  A good way to try yoga / meditation from the privacy of your own home...


    Use:  ANYFRIENDOFYOURS at for half off the blissed out effect you witness in my episode, "At Home w/Lisa: Namaste at Home."

  • thumbnail-2.jpg

    Derby City Skates

    Ships custom skates, as well as Moxi, Riedell etc. rollerskate brands,  protective gear and apparel worldwide. Excellent customer service.

    I recommend calling Susan's cell during the quarantine: (336) 926-7426

    Photo: wearing outdoor wheels and protective gear from Derby City Skates while voting at the Lifeguard Station by the Hermosa Beach Pier. Photographed by a sweet lady poll volunteer.

  • IMG_0832.jpg

    "Let's Get Loud"

    Danced to this song at the end of At Home w/Lisa: In the Living Room... so fun and upbeat!!! And FREE to listen to and dance until your heart's content <3

  • box-guide-cards-fanned--220x240.jpg

    Chakra Cards

    I have given these as a gift, and received them as a gift. You draw a card, read a story, some key words..and it sparks reflection, centering - a break from the chaos...and insight that comes from within. Love doing these, especially before bed.

  • 01013.jpg

    Permatex Hand Cleaner

    Oftentimes you can get a package of hand cleaner and other goodies for a good deal at Auto Zone, Pep Boys, O'Reilly's etc.


    But you can also buy this separately online:

  • IMG_1327.jpg

    Lisa's Fine Art Prints

    Cuba, Music, the Wild West and more...

  • Lankanto Monkfruit.png

    Lakanto Monkfruit

    Instead of sugar, use this natural sweeter that isn't full of chemicals, tastes like sugar and has no glycemic index.  You can buy it online at the link below, on Amazon, and a friend of mine has even found it at T.J, Maxx before!

*Lisa does NOT receive income from the previous sincere, personal endorsements.

lisa's services

(available during

social distancing)


Private Dance Lessons

For Physical and Mental Therapy 

and Fun!

Via Facetime, Skype or Google Duo ($100 / 1 hr class)


The rate above is a special virtual / quarantine rate and applies to families / cohabitators of up to five.


 Salsa, Bachata, Ballroom, Line dancing (to a variety of genres), the Two-Step or partner dancing to your preferred genre of music. For complete beginners to more advanced.   Age 6 to 86.

More on Lisa's work as a dancer can be found on the other web pages.